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TrumpCare Health Insurance

What will happen to Obamacare? Trup Care and temporary health insurance Many believe it will be repealed by President Trump as part of his first 100 days, but what does that mean for American's today.

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Many Americans are reporting monthly premium increases of over $1000.00 a month for their 2017 plans, and are left wondering if going with out healthcare insurance may be the best options.

What should you do for health insurance today?      

There are several options you might consider if you can't afford your monthly premiums on the marketplace or off the market place.

Top HealthCare Benefit Options!!!!


Temporary Medical Insurance

Temporary Medical Insurance coverage is important if you do not have a regular health insurance plan or are between plans. With temporary health insurance you will be able to rest assured that if something were to happen to you, you will have protection. Most temporary health insurance plans come with different deductibles ranging from $250.00 to $7500.00. All temporary health insurance plans are different, and each carrier is going to offer you a little different coverage. You will need to determine which company has the best coverage for you, and what you can live with when choosinh a new Temporary medical insurance plan.

Most consumers go with a higher deductible, to keep their monthly expenses low or in budget. We also appreciate the carriers that offer plans that have a Urgent Care CO-pay's.

If you are just losing a job or qualify for Cobra, you might want to elect Cobra.

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Cobra Health Insurance

Cobra Temporary Health Insurance coverage is a temporary health insurance plan offered to individuals and families who have been on a group plan, and in many cases is the only coverage available to individuals because of pre-existing conditions. However many people who qualify for Cobra, can actually qualify for a individual, Interim or family insurance through traditional carriers. In most cases these plans are much less , and offer great benefits. We suggest you get a temporary policy if you have no benefits right now, so you have basic protection. If you have Cobra, as soon as you have time find an alternative to your Cobra and start saving your self money. We are equipped to give you plan overviews and rates for most major carriers in your state, just give us a call toll free 866-526-9669.

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Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance coverage is a temporary health insurance plann offered to students during summer break, or for students graduating and in search for employment with benefits. Student health Insurance fills the gaps, so you do not go unprotected once you leave your parents plan or the plan offered by your school. Most of our Student health insurance plans can be Enrolled Online and certificates printed out with-in seconds. You will also get your new student health ID card while online. The enrollment takes only seconds, and typically approved same day.

Not a U.S. citizen or Don't qualify for Medicare We offer temporary health insurance plans that will provide benefits to individuals and families just arriving to the United States. Most carriers require a 6 month period in the US before they will even take your enrollment paperwork. We can have benefits to you typically same day. We also offer an entire Spanish Quote,Enroll and ID system online for those who speak  Espanol  NO SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER REQUIRED If you have not contributed to the system or have lived outside the US and do not qualify for Medicare health benefits, you may want to take advantage of our temporary health insurance.


TrumpCare Short Term Health Insurance

TrumpCare Short Term Health Insurance

Many insurance companies have plans that are designed to fill the gap called short term health insurance, typically good for 1 year which may be enough coverage to get you through until somthing changes, if not most do provide for an additional one year renewal. You can pay monthly on these types of plans, but the benefits are ourlined and not a rish as a traditional health insurance plan. The monthly cost will be much less, and you might be able to add a Accident Plan or Critical Illiness plan for just a few dollars more that will round out your protection while you are waiting for TRUMPCARE to arrive. It is a much better plan that just going with-out. IT MAY NOT HELP YOUR TAX PENALTY, but who knows what that is going to be?

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Medical Sharing Plans

These plans are designed typically around a faith based orginization where individuals contribute to a pool of money every month, designed to help off-set member expenses similar to insurance (BUT NOT INSURANCE) however they do qualify and help you avoid the tax penalty.


If you are over 65 and on Medicare part B, you might want to think about a Medicare Supplement.

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Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplements are designed to help cover the portion of the medical and hospital bills not fully paid for by medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. These do not cover bills not covered by medicare, you will want to purchase a MEDICARE ADVANTAGE GAP plan for that.

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Medicare Advantage Gap Plan

These plans are designed to pay you or your provider directly to help cover the many gaps in coverage, as well as related expenses in the event of need...for example your hotel room while away fo treatment, your yard bills that stack up when your not there to do them....there is more to healthcare than just the medical bills when an event happens and you now have an option to help cover some of that burden in a Medicare Advantage Gap plan.


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Short Term Care Insurance

Many people think insurance stops with healthcare, but the cost of aging and the expenses that come with that can be huge. Many people get to their later years and ask, gan I get benefits for hospice, or nursing home or even purchase a long term plan? And the answer is usuall , sorry you dont qualify you neded to buy that years ago when you could qualify. So dont forget to ask your agent about Short Term Care Insurance.

Get a FREE Temporary Health online and several competing offers from Agents and companies serving your area. When Agents compete, our customers win on Individual , family and ask about TRUMPCARE Insurance Quotes.

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