Choosing an insurance agent.

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The best way to find an agent is to ask friends and families who they have worked for. You can also visit the State’s online Department of insurance to find licensed insurance agents for your state. You can find many agents with great customer service with just a phone call.

Many want to know if all agents promote one carrier. A captive agent is contracted with one carrier. They are contracted only to sell their products. If you want someone that can shop around for you, you would need to find an independent agent.

You can tell after just a few minutes if you like an agent. Some are very pushy to make a quick sell. These agents do not really care what might be best for you. You may also encounter sales people selling non insurance products, such as discount plans.

Beware of these discount plans. They charge outrageous sign up fee’s and is almost impossible to get your money back. All you have to do is visit and see the trouble these companies have caused. If you are a self paying patient you would likely get the same discounts at no charge as these products provide.

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