If the shoe fit wear it!

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Women especially love shoes. Millions of dollars are spent each year on shoes. We love them. If there is one item in our closet that we spend a little more money on it would be shoes. We want shoes that fit good and look great.

But did you know that ill fitting shoes can effect our health? We can cause ourselves some unneeded aches and pains all in the name of vanity. Ill fitting shoes can cause bad posture as well as cause muscle strain. A good fitting shoe is even more important if we intend to exercise.

There are some key factors in purchasing shoe that is good for you. First you want a shoe with a good foundation. It should be able to handle supporting your weight and activity. Second, it should fit your foot well. If your toes are scrunched up and your arch hurts at he end of the day, through those in the garbage.

From time to time our feet change, so the shoe that fits well last year may not fit as well this year. Shoes also stretch with time and conform to our bad walking habits, making them less effective. Each time you buy shoes you should have your feet measured for the best fit.

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