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New health insurance law to take action January 2010.   The Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 says that health insurance companies must implememt the same benefits for mental illness and substance abuse as they do for any other illness.

Not all health insurance policy holders will benefit from this new law. there are limitations set forth. the law will only effect those with insurance that have more than 50 participants in it’s group. So if you have small group or individual insurance you will not benefit.

I would not expect any immediate changes for all policy holders, but I do believe that consumers will push for changes to match the law in all plans. I don’t think we would see the same changes, but possibly mental illness and substance abuse benefits that are a little more useable.

Since health insurance is consumer driven I would expect to see a carrier make some changes in the way of these benefits and in return see a trickle down effect happen. If one carrier makes some significant changes you can expect others to follow suit. It is a marketable selling point they will not ignore.

Many believe that the healthcare system is in need of much change. So this law is one very positive step in the right direction. It is a huge success for many lobbyist that believe much change is needed. I would expect to see many changes in the years to come.

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