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High Deductible Health Insurance Plans

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
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High Deductible Health Insurance plan

High Deductible Health Insurance Plans are the answer to the HealthCare problem in America.

We do not need a new President to figure out our Health Insurance Coverage problem, we as Americans and consumers already have an answer. IN FACT we are our own problem. I know it is not what you want to hear, but it is true. Let me explain.

As a consumer driven society, many of us have the luxury of having a GROUP HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN as a BENEFIT from our employer. The first problem, is we are so used to the employeer paying for a portion of this benefit, we take it forgranted when we go to buy our own individual plan.

HOW DID WE BREAK HEALTHCARE? It is easy, as consumers we have gotten so used to the CO-PAY, that we think that it is the actual cost of care. We have no idea what the doctors, hospitals and providers are charging the health insurance companies. Nor do we care, because we just pay our CO-PAY. ($30.00,$40.00 and in some cases $5.00).

Because we do not look or care, we dont question stupid things, like it was our own money.

If you were paying, I am sure you would ask WHY:

  • Why does it cost $3.00 for a Q-tip?
  • Why does is cost $125.00 for slippers that you never used?
  • What is a Zpaz, stock item $350.00
  • Why does cleenx cost $15.00 a box, with a $25.00 stocking charge???

Instead we just pay our co-pay, and move on letting the insurance carrier paying to much. We have taken the consumer out of the prosess allowing healthcare providers to charge what ever they can get away with, which dirves up the cost of medical insurance.

So in short it is our own fault, and the only way we will fix the real problem is to get back in the loop, manage the process and help take back healthcare.

You are not going to do that on a co-pay plan, but you will do it on a High Deductible Health Insurance Plans because you are forced to pay the first portion of your medical expenses and YOU are going to ask questions like:Why did I get charged for slippers I never used” which in-turn will lower the insurance companies cost to do business and allow them to be more competitive, which will lower prices overall.

The best news is, YOU WILL START SAVING NOW because the insurance companies know that if you have a HIGHER DEDUCTIBLE, you are more likly to cost them less in the long run and so they have lowered their monthly premiums to entice you to do so. THEY WANT YOU in the high deductibles, it is the right this for the entire healthcare system.

I am so sure of this fact, you will soon see $7500.00 deductible options, and shortly after that you will see $10,000.00 deductibles and probly even $20,000.00 deductibles in the very near future.

Help take back our healthcare system before someone like the goverment trys to fix it. Get an online High Deductible Health Insurance Plan Quotes