Temporary Health Insurance

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Temporary Health Insurance

If you’re waiting for your health insurance to change at your job or are between jobs and maybe not a resident and just visiting the United States, then temporary health insurance is for you. This type of insurance is also known as short term health insurance. This type of insurance is good for new graduates, and also popular with people waiting for Medicare. http://uniquoter.com/health-insurance-news/short-term-health-insurance/

If you are 64 and under and are a resident of America, you can avail from temporary health insurance. Spouses and dependents of an applicant can also apply. Typically, if you are ill while applying, then you probably are not eligible for this insurance.

Temporary health insurance plans provide coverage for illnesses or unforeseen injuries. Things that are not covered under this type of coverage are checkups, vaccines, dental or vision. This insurance also does not cover pre-existing conditions and their treatments. Depending on the state and particular plan the benefits may vary. Normally, this coverage takes care of hospitalization, some doctor office visits, and diagnostic test.

If you are unemployed, this is the recommended class of health insurance for you. This coverage offers plans as long as one year and as short as one month. For up to three years, some temporary health insurance plans can be renewed. If you feel that you need to be covered for more than one year, you will find that long-term insurance policies are probably better for you. If you have found yourself without a job due to tough economic times, you will find that short-term also known as temporary health insurance is very practical.

The employee or student that is in the country temporarily definitely would prefer to get a short-term policy. This insurance is effective and practical for someone who is decidedly not going to need long-term coverage. This is the best policy for the best rate for someone in this situation. Remember actual benefits vary, contact us to get an accurate overview of your coverage options.

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