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Interim Health Insurance

In today's day and age there is no reason why anyone should be without some type of health insurance. Of course, there are many plans that only people making more than seven figures a year can afford, but there are also plans available to people who make much less each year thanks to Obamacare there seems to be a huge unrest and people are looking for solutions while they wait for TrumpCare to make the cost of healthcare reasonable again.

So in the Interim, what do you do?

While we wait for congress to unravel the mess of Obamacare, we DO NOT sugget going with-out some sort of coverage.

You do have options, but some of them may have a tax penalty.

Interim Health Insurance Plans are designed to cover gaps in protection, typically between jobs or while waiting on a group plan. many people when they retire, do so early and purchase an interim plan while they are waiting on their medicare to kick in, at which point they will purchase a medicare supplement plan to help offset their medicare short-falls. But most health insurance companies have these gap or interim plans and you could purchase one of them for typically up to a year and renew for 1 more year. This would give you a base line of protection while things shake out.

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interim health insurance
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